How to test a new website ?

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Our site has been completed, 


Before doing paid ads, I want to get some real customer feedback, such as test on the mobile, shopping experience, website speed, website features and so on.

I am in China, my target customer is in the US, which brings me some inconvenience.

Is there such a website dedicated to helping websites get real user testing? Or is there a better solution?


My site:


Thank a lot!


Hello @loveworld ,

I just had a look into your website and its amazing. Below are some of my thoughts on how to improve your site and increase website’s visitors.


  1. Speed Optimization - To increase visitors you need to work on your website performance’s speed as I am seeing it is very slow i.e 11% on mobile. It should be above 65%. Also, you need to optimize website images. It will improve the user experience. Fast page load time will also boost the website’s crawl rate.
  2. Remove Unused CSS: Defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content to reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity.
  3. Home Page: For engaging new customers you need to work on your homepage. You can redesign your home page, add more sections such as ‘New arrivals’, ‘blogs’, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘offers & discount banners’ and make your website user-friendly.  Ensure text is user-visible while web fonts are loading. You can add offer’s pop up on product page or category page to increase sales.
  4. Homepage banner:   It's not in one catch eye. Instead of having one single large banner, you can implement the carousel (recommended 2-3) with banners.  
  5. Menu: Menu and its label have a great impact on the user. Menu structure needs to be fixed for easy navigation to users and to provide information to search engine.  

Product Page:


  1. Images: Appropriately-sized images to save cellular data and improve load time.   Defer offscreen images.  Also observe the optimization of the image (Basic Image SEO).  For processing of photos insert images into carousel.
  2. Detailed Product Description -  Make it full width description as it is showing blank space blow the feature image.  It's worth to add FAQs on the product to help user guide regarding their purchase by answering their queries. 
  3. Product Availability - It's a good practice to show product availability information to the users to attract or please the customer.
  4. Footer: You need to add proper footer menu links. Also, you can show website information and address in the footer.   

You can check your site score in this URL (
This is your current site score but you can improve you site performance up to 60+.

I hope my feedback will help you to improve your sales!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Thank you!!! 

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Hey there, @loveworld!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! You're in the right place for feedback. While I'm not aware of, and wasn't able to locate any external resources to help you 'test your store', many of our merchants will continue to post in the Community Forums seeking constructive feedback. Here you can hear from Shopify staff, Experts, and other experienced entrepreneurs to help you improve their store's appearance and user experience. I took a look at your store myself, and would be happy to make some suggestions.


The first page many visitors will look at is the 'About Us' page. This is where you can share your story - who you are, why you are (what problem exists that you're trying to solve), what you sell (the solution to the problem), and what your mission is. This provides you with the opportunity to convince visitors why they should purchase products from you than from another store. I recommend checking out our How to Write an About Us Page guide to help you get started.


Taking a look at your store, it was hard to pinpoint the purpose of your business. While I have seen a couple of 'general stores', the vast majority haven't found success without a niche. The reason for this is that it becomes a lot more difficult to market your store when you don't have a target market. When you understand who your specific audience is, you'll be able to design your store and develop your marketing plan towards them.


For example, right now it looks like you have some products geared towards pet owners and jewelry wearers. Not everyone who is interested in jewelry will have a pet, and vice versa. It's best to stick to a single niche to increase your likelihood of attracting a potential customer.


It also looks like you're currently using the same product images provided by dropshipping suppliers. This can be very obvious to some customers, as there isn't consistency amongst the images. It's also simple to conduct a reverse image search online and locate the source of the image, verifying that it's not your product. To build trust with your visitors, it's best to take your own product photos. This will give you more control over the appearance of your store, allowing your images to remain uniform. It also gives you a chance to purchase the products you intend to sell and verify the quality of them, thus avoiding unhappy customers.


After you've made some adjustments to your business, you can then focus on marketing. Starting by knowing your target market is key, and then developing a marketing plan off of that. Marketing on social media is a great way to engage with your audience for free, and drive traffic to your store. Email marketing is another way to re-target existing customers or visitors who subscribe to your newsletter. If you later decide to invest some money into marketing, you can look into paid Facebook Ads and Google Ads. We have some marketing courses worth checking out in our Shopify Academy that can help you learn more once you're ready to start marketing!


Best of luck with your business! Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify.




Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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