How to upload different gift card designs?

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I have a gift card with 5 price variants. I would like to make available for the client to choose between 5 different designs.

So is going to be one gift card, but a total of 25 variants, for each amounts possibilities you’ll have the choice to pick from 5 designs. 

How can I do that?

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Hi @analuspi, I'm Neomi from app,

We specialized in gift cards and loyalty store credit solutions.


With Rise you can create as many gift card variants you would like and upload different designs so anyone can choose his/her favorite one,

this is how did it - 

Annotation 2020-04-08 105908.jpg









Other great features that are unique to Rise is the ability to add a personal note, send the gift directly to the recipient, and even schedule it for the perfect time.


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