How to use Cloudflare with Shopify

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Earlier this year, Cloudflare started work something with Shopify to provide all merchants sites with Cloudflare’s performance and security benefits. With this integration, they eliminate the need for Shopify merchants to proxy traffic on Cloudflare.

Now with this change, Shopify stores benefit from better store performance and security thanks to a combination of some Cloudflare’s features and Shopify’s own technology.


Now is there anything we have to do as merchants to embrace this change? Well the migration for my sores kick in last weekend, and it was Cloudflare acting on my behalf who turned off the proxy on their platform, I was quite shocked since I was unaware of the event, I headed to the support site to submit a ticket to Cloudflare, why writing the title started to do some research and find out about this.


Cloudflare still recommend to use them to manage the store DNS, they definitely discourage you from turning the proxy on, so keep the gray cloud the way it is.


If you turn your grey clouded Shopify store back to orange cloud in the Cloudflare DNS app, site visitors will experience a 10xx error. To fix this error, turn your orange clouded domain back to grey cloud in the Cloudflare DNS app.


Shopify protects all merchants with its own Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) settings are now determined by Shopify policies on e-commerce traffic.


I still haven't explored my Store to find what the changes have been done, I probably won't find anything there since is more like a seamless change for merchants but there is going to be some challenges.


In 2018, Shopify removed the support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 to better protect the data of anyone accessing the Shopify website, your storefront, or your admin page. If your browser does not support TLS 1.2, then after June 20, 2018, you will see connection errors when you visit Shopify sites. Umm something to explain to customers if they experience some error while browsing your store.


Should we be worried about the speed, well practically during the migration, our stores had experienced slower loading time ever, we still on it to understand what's going on, well CDN stands for content delivery network, Shopify provides merchants with a world-class CDN run by Fastly. Using a CDN means that your online store will load quickly around the globe, despite the Shopify servers being in North America.


It seems like this is still something we have to digest or deal with for a few days, changes speed wide are only noticeable by those who monitor their speed and pages performance, well I do. Tha what I care of writing about it, the bottom line is this migration just kick in, there is more to improve and learn. Keep reading there is good stuff on our community.


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