How to use variant as a filter

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I have a motorcycle parts business. So I have a lot of products which are the same part but essentially they fit different bikes.


I was expecting to use VARIANTS to handle this.

I would add Variant 1: Make


I would add Variant 2: Model

CRF450 2012

I would add Variant 3: Colour



I was expecting to see the variants change per dropdown.


So if I had 10 other models, I would select the MODEL, Honda, then in MAKE, it would only show HONDA models.


Instead, I see all models from all bikes. The same for colour, I see all colours even though there is only 2 colours available.


My question is how do I go about changing the code to handle this. OR is there a better way.


I have just recently set up my store so it is not a ball ache to sort this.