Human Phone Support Needed: My Website Down. I Need to Lower Website Fee .

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Please reinitiate offering US-based human customer service to sustain + attract customers. Do your investors + upper management read this Community Forum? I highly recommend they see these 1000’s of unhappy + prospective customers canceling their websites and/or never launching websites on Shopify due to your zero human contact/zero Customer Service phone #. We are biz owners who appreciate/need good prompt customer service. We do not want to be forced to resolve issues exclusively via this Forum + 24/7 ‘type chat’. So sad to see Shopify decline from once trustworthy to troubled. My website is $1200/year and has been off grid/not live and I have not paid it for a year due to my inability to talk ‘live’ to a human to resolve issues: 1. I need to lower my website cost. You tout $200/year rates and I still pay 9 year-old $1200 rate. 2. Credit card processing issues. 3. I need to change from bank to another processor for credit card payments. 4. My website stopped converting to be viewed onto cell/mobile screen. Please give me number to call. Thx, in advance, for your help.