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tried all those steps and still couldnt get connected

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For all who are having issues connecting their Shopify Shop to Facebook - I like to suggest that you stop trying and explore other alternative.

I've been having the same issues as the rest for weeks and I've finally managed to fix it.


Here are some of the steps to help you all:


1. Login into your Facebook Business Manager, and navigate to Catalogue Manager

If you previously had it working and now stop working. You should have some redundant catalogue lying around.

First remove any existing catalogue that you have.


2. Once you've removed all the Catalogue, begin to create a catalogue and go through all the steps required. Bear in mind, you will need to have a product feed for this. I used Facebook Product Feed (Flexify) for this and schedule feed refresh once a day. 


Once you've done that, go back to your Facebook Page - Setup your shop section. 

And it should be fixed. 


This implementation is to fix Facebook Shop & Instagram Shop by using a manual product feed instead of the existing Shopify Integration that doesnt work and trust me, i've gone through all the steps everyone + support has advised 

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OMG!!!!!! This was the one that worked for me!!!!! I had tried so many different avenues. So grateful for you posting this. Thanks so much!!!

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Become Admin on the facebook page. You must be custom at the moment. Open fb page roles. The become admin by clicking on your name


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Hi, I can't connect my Shopify store to Facebook either. For several weeks I have had this message: 


Product detail issues 4

Facebook requires specific product details. Edit these products to publish them to your Facebook Shop.

I fail to believe it is a Facebook issue.


As far as I can possibly tell, my products are fine. Previously they were listed on Facebook shop. That was until I deleted them all and added new products to Shopify, via a different app (Was Oberlo, now Eprolo).


I believe it is an issue with the Shopify Facebook Sale Channel. There are currently know issues with this and apparently, the Shopify engineers are working on it. I have been getting messages like, "please accept all permissions" or something similar. Fortunately, that has gone away now, but I still can't get my products to display on Facebook shop. It's useless contacting Facebook because they do nothing and just put up a generic message saying thank you for contacting Facebook, your feedback is important. And then nothing happens. No one is helping - not Facebook or Shopify.