I Can't Connect My Facebook Page To Shopify

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I had all the same issues all of you had and solved it.  Me and another user had 'Admin' privileges in the business manager, yet Shopify said I did not. Here is what worked.


  1. Disconnect your facebook account from shopify.
  2. login to facebook as the admin, preferably the main owners account, not some admin added later.
  3. go to this page in facebook https://business.facebook.com/campmaid/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit
  4. On this page, My user and that of the original owner were not 'admins', we were under 'Custom' at the bottom. The 'Admin' was some person who had access awhile ago who doesn't even work with us anymore. But we were Admins on the Business settings page. Stupid facebook has two different areas! I was not able to make any changes to the 'admin' or 'custom' and not able to '
    Assign a New Page Role' (as admin) to me because I was set as 'custom' at the bottom.. On the screenshot below, the Ken guy is the actual owner and creator of the page. Note, you cannot see my user under 'custom' because I already removed me as a user in business settings before the screenshot, but I was here as 'custom' also. 
  5. Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.45.44 AM.png
  6. I then went to the 'business settings' page from the owners account and 'removed' me from the account completely. I also removed the 'admin' that was showing up on this page https://business.facebook.com/campmaid/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit
  7. I then went back to this page https://business.facebook.com/campmaid/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit from the owners account and searched for me under 'Assign a New Page Role'. Since I had been removed, I now show up here and assigned myself the 'admin' role. 
  8. I logged into MY account, accepted the invitation to be the 'admin' of the page.
  9. I then went back to this pagehttps://business.facebook.com/campmaid/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit and I was the ADMIN!
  10. Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 7.55.39 AM.png
  11. I then went back to shopify, connected my facebook account and my page showed up and now i'm connected again.
  12. I then checked my user under the facebook business settings area and facebook added my user as an admin. Interesting thing, it left two check boxes unchecked. 
  13. Screen Shot 2019-09-22 at 8.11.57 AM.png
  14. Note. If you are the only 'admin' on the account and cannot remove yourself, use a friend or family member facebook account and 'Assign a New Page Role' as admin to them this page https://business.facebook.com/campmaid/settings/?tab=admin_roles&ref=page_edit



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I am having a issue with connecting as well. after I click 'accept terms' a little facebook window comes up saying 'not logged in' 'please continue to to login' I press yes but doesnt do anything.




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Go to facebook page. Switch urself to admin from custom. Problem will be surely solved.

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I solved this issue by reconfirming that I was an 'admin' for the facebook page. I found instead I was a 'job manager'.

How did I become a 'job manager' instead of an 'admin' when I created the page, was because I selected in 'facebook business manager' extra permissions for the page which included 'job manager'. ' This changed my status.

Here is a screen shot.


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Thank you so much for this post and the pictures to follow along. I have been trying for 2 days to fond answers about this... and your post is the ONLY thing that actually worked. Thank you so much. 

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Thanks for the response, however both myself and husband are admin nothing has changed.
Still doing the same thing when I’m trying to connect.

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If you have more than one page, try each one separately.

If not create a new page and see if you can connect.

If you can connect to the new page, compare permission in FB bussiness settings under the heading People.

However before going ahead with this turn on extra permissions so your status on the FB page changes from Admin to Job manager and then change it back.

You do this again not within the FB page but on FB business setting under the heading People.

That's all I can offer.

All the best.
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I’m having this EXACT issue and it’s driving me crazy! Been working on it since yesterday and I’m no further forward... 😩
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on the "page roles" page, not the "business settings" admin, who is the admin? Are you listed here or under 'custom'?

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I kept trying to connect on my MAC and it would not allow me to. I literally went through every step that someone would post. If you are on a Mac try connecting from Google Chrome! It worked instantly for me