I Hired a Shopify Expert in India

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Hi just a quick question....
I hired a Shopify Expert based in India. It seems to be going well but I haven't heard from him due to "Diwali Holidays". Not being disrespectful, as I don't live in India, but how long do these holidays go for, as it has been nearly two weeks since working on my website. I am waiting patiently, but am just interested as Google says it lasts five days.
Thank You!!

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Hello @Tasha2, Diwali vacations are already over in India. 2 weeks is definitely a long time. I suggest you try to reach out again to your shopify expert once more or hire a different one. Please do let us know if you need any further help. 

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Hi Shansalam

Thank you for your reply. I did send a message to them, have not heard anything. I have not exchanged any payments with them which is good. May I ask what would be the next step to take if nothing comes of this. I am happy just to proceed without another expert. I have realised that it is not the end of the world if I don't get this job done.  As I have not travelled this road before, I would appreciate your advise regarding this matter.
Thanks again!

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@Tasha2  it can sometimes be helpful to let the contractor know that you would much prefer to know about any issues with the project. Worded in a supportive way obviously.
Sometimes freelancers just stop replying, instead of being upfront about road bumps in the project. I don't know why this is, but I've seen it quite a few times. 

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If you paid him then you can probably kiss the money goodbye.

Too many scammers from other countries prey on peoples lack of knowledge.

Find a reputable local web company to help you, in the long run it's cheaper

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My advice would be to search YouTube for the solutions you want, there are literally hundreds of video's on there covering most problems, it's my first go to.

You can also use the Shopify chat to get in touch with a Shopify guru, they are very helpful and again will sort you out quite quickly.

Also if it's a theme issue, you first point of call should be the developers

Best of all it's free.

Whenever I post an issue I always get emails from the sub continent, or even messages on my mobile,  to me that sends  red flag, why don't they contact me through the thread ? I ignore and block them,

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Hi @Tasha2 

What's his name? Do you have his number ? Maybe i can help you by getting in contact with him and ask him what's going around as I am from Bombay India. Serving clients across the globe. 

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Hello, how are you doing?

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Thanks everyone for the advice and thoughts but the problem has been solved now.