I accidently setup the wrong store name and can't change it

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I just created an account and I accidently named my store the incorrect name. I tried to change it but I don't see any option to change it as I googled online to click on settings, and general and you would see it but I did not. Then, I tried to put in a ticket but it forces me to re-authenticate when I click on support and then when I log back in it will take me to a page stating "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.". This is extremely frustrating because I've looked everywhere on the site and cannot find an email address to send an email at or any other form to put in a ticket to correct this. So thus I have a two fold problem, one that I need to change my login name/store name and secondly why does it tell me the shop is unavailable when I try to log-in to place a support ticket?