I am billed for a monthly subscription Automatically

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I found out two days ago that I was billed $13.00 USD for monthly subscription of my protecta.com store. If you just checked the store, there was no activity of it anymore since I subscribed for free trial on March 21, 2020. Also, I did not receive any email from you alerting me of the end of my trial period. It would be prudent on your side to have sent me email notification for the end of the trial period and ask me if I continue with a monthly subscription but DID NOT.
Q: Is it Shopify's practice not to send email notification after a trial period expires and just bill the subscriber right away?
Transaction ID: 3E4956478X180122H
Payment Status: COMPLETED
Gross amount
-$13.00 USD
Kindly refund me the $13.00 USD because I did not authorize the transaction. I hope small scale entrepreneurs like me won't be ignored by a giant like you and just be billed automatically by not sending proper notifications.