I am doing a FREE + Shipping promo and my shopify store keeps saying my item is out of stock, but it isn't

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So I am doing a FREE + Shipping promo where the customer just has to pay the shipping on the item. I do this buy creating weight rates for a duplicate item. The duplicate item I make free, but change the weight so it is going to be affected by the new weight rates I made. Anywho when I ad the promo'd item into the cart and proceed to check out, my store says that I am out of the product, but if I go back to the home page and re-add the regular priced item to the cart and try to check out, it works. I am confused because the free + shipping method is supposed to work, but my store is running into issues.

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, John!

Alex here from the Shopify support team :)

I'm not seeing duplicates of all of your products on your online store.

Are you selling on sales channels as well as the Online Store? I'd advise double checking your visibility, as this might be what's affecting your inventory issues. Go to Products > Select All Products > Edit Products > Add Fields > Visible on _______ (whichever sales channel you're trying to purchase on - Online Store if you're testing this on your website. 

Once you make sure your products are visible, I'd advise to double check the inventory as well. You can do this by adding Add Fields > Inventory in the bulk editor. If these numbers are all above 0 and the products are visible, it should absolutely work. 

If you're still running into issues after this, can you send us an email at support@shopify.com from the email address on file for the store so we can look into the back end of things for you? 

Let me know if this helps. Happy selling!