I am going to change the design/structure of my website.

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I am going to change the design/structure of my website. Is it beneficial from the SEO stand point of view to change the URL's structure? The only thing I am afraid to loss of traffic or ranking.

For example, the URL right now are -

Thinking to change -

Of course, I will place a 301 redirect along with URL changes

Please suggest.

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I mean yes, it can be good for SEO if your cat/sub-cat structure and internal linking, anchor terms, naming, descriptions, on-page copy/layout, semantic HTML etc is based on content clustering around search terms, and assuming there is actually search volume for the stuff you sell - then sure.

But Shopify is a real pain in this regard - you can't really do that kind of custom defined URL structure. PLPs sit on /collections/xyz and that's it. Also there is no parent>child relationship in collections so if you want to creat a structure, one way is to do this with metafields and internal linking. Gets a bit hard to maintain at scale - but doable.

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Yes, in this case, I think it will benefit your SEO cause this change will make a category of related products but the link seem a bit long, you should consider removing the plug: /product-category/

Hope it helps!

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