I face problem with paypal registration

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Dear members, 

I have one Paypal account under my personal name under Paypal business status. I uploaded my business registration cert for example ABC Enterprise (with my name as director) and my store domain is DEF.com. After emailing back and forth, Paypal has decided that my account is flagged as a scam account. 

I had invested in purchasing the domain name and setting up my Shopify store with products because the Paypal team said want to check my store. but it is all done back and forth for over a month, they decided to close my Paypal account and I can only register back after the 6th month. 

I am confused and I would like to know is it that if I register a new account I need to do as the following? 

1. Register a new company with the store name i intend to do? for example GEF.com and register a company with GEF enterprise? if that's the case i need to spend another money in registering a new company that will cost me a lot. 

2. After registering the company I need to open a business bank account which in Malaysia is not an easy process. 

3. Can i use the existing company i have? for example ABC Enterprise but use a different domain name for my store? 

I hope someone from Paypal can assist me with this. Because I tried hard to communicate back and forth through my Paypal account but it seems they really don't care about the logic. 

Thank you.