I have 100 + visitors a day but I am getting 5 -7 orders a month.

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100+ visitors per day! looking good to me. But the sell is not quite good enough. I have visited your shop. The product is good, but the cost of the product really high. That's why you are getting visits not sell. You have to do price optimization of your product.

Price optimization will bosst up your product competitiveness. Price Optimization Models are mathematical programs that calculate how demand varies at different price levels, then combine that data with information on costs and inventory levels to recommend prices that will improve profits.

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If you're doing ads and these traffic are bouncing off without buying, lower your budget for that source and increase the budget on the ads source that's actually working ( that's generating 6-7 orders a month for you ).

Always use the data you have on hand. Make decisions, tweak, increase, decrease based on what works and what doesn't until you find the right fit. Change something and measure the results before the change. And repeat.

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reviews has been proven to increase conversions


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Hi Jessica,

You already have some good suggestions. I have a few suggestions about your social media posts.

Even though you are posting regularly on Instagram and FB, you are posting a lot of collages. That works sometimes and it also reduces the image quality as each product gets a smaller size image. That reduces the attractiveness of the product, specially on social media where you have to fight for attention.

I'd also suggest that you experiment with percentages instead of absolute prices. So instead of $100 crossed into $60 on sale, try 40% off. This way customer see a nice attractive sale as an incentie to come to the site to actually see the sale price. And they may come for X but end up buying Y.

May I also sugges that you try the OrangeTwig app. I'm the founder but I do think we can help with your social media posts both in terms of quality and effort required. If you put a Sale through the app, it'll automate all your social media marketing. It can promote coupons for you too.

As an added bonus, we are currently free :-). Please let me know if you have any other questions.








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The video shows you a short demo of how to do it but what you can do is add more pages inbetween due to the fact when you use shopfiy there are about 4 steps before payment.

If you just do a search on youtube for 'shopify' and google analytics you will see lots of helpful videos.

Hope this helps

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Does anyone has a resource to find out what the online conversion rates overall and/or in specific industries should be?