I have an idea! Can Shopify help?

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Good morning, I apologize in advance for what I am certain to be a long scatter-brained post.

I have an idea, but I am not sure how to word it in order to search for apps that could help, seeking help to point me in the right direction, or tell me no such thing exists. 


I sell craft supplies to makers around the globe, the problem is that these makers end up stocking a whole lot of these supplies in order to allow their customers to choose one to their liking. My goal is to allow the makers to decrease their overhead by hosting a "Maker Portal" where they can direct their customers. In my head, I envision it working as such:

Maker goes to RockSolidScales.com, registers, and logs into a "portal."
They select any number of the supplies that I have in stock (or select all) to load into their portal.
When they have an order, the Maker directs their customer to a different side of this portal, we'll call it the "Customer Portal."
The Maker supplies the Customer with a unique password to enable registration.
This Password is unique to the Maker and allows the Customer to enter that Maker's specific portal.
Customer registers.
The Customer is allowed to see only the supplies that particular Maker has pre-selected.
The Customer selects the product they prefer, adds it to the cart, then "checks out."
When the Customer "checks out," they do not pay, they do not enter shipping info, the Customer is then done.
Upon "Customer check out," a notification is sent to the Maker for approval.
Upon Maker approval, the invoice is sent to the Maker to be paid and the item will be shipped directly to the Maker upon receipt of payment.
If the Maker does not approve the transaction, an email could be generated to send to the Customer to notify them and advise them to reach out to the Maker, and would provide them with the Maker's contact info.


A couple things I would need to make this happen:

An app or set of code that would allow (what I would term) a "3D portal" which integrates my store, the Maker's "shop," and the Customer portal.
A way to make this secure, so the Maker would have to give a password (preferably unique each time) to the Customer.
Certainly a long list of legalese and terms and conditions.


So, I guess that was not as long as I had anticipated, however, I feel it is not easy to understand. Please let me know if you know of any apps that could do this type of thing, OR even if there are terms that would help me in my search for something that could help with this type of function.

Thank you, 
Matt Kriebs
RockSolid Scales