I have many Abandoned Cart

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This is our second month to start and luckily we have sale and good traffic but at the same time we have many abandoned checkouts.

We have discount code which need to be applied at the last checkout page and in abandoned cart I can see that customer has entered that discount code which is the last thing after address.

I have reviewed the abandoned cart details which has all customer details like email, phone and address. But I don't know it is fake or real.

I set up abandoned cart email and only 1 customer came back rest did not reply even personally I sent them email to know that what is the issue? Is this something with the payment problem?

We have successful payment from shop pay, credit card and paypal. Some times in details we found card declined but in many abandoned cart details are empty.


Please help.

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Hi @amshoeb1 


Have you managed to resolve your issue with abandoned carts? You could try our app, AskBeat - https://apps.shopify.com/askbeat-nps-feedback, which sends automated (& manual) recovery emails to customers with abandoned carts, asking them at the same time for store & checkout feedback beforehand, so to find out possible reasons that prevent customers from completing their order. There is also the option to offer your customers a discount code at the thank you page, so to increase response rate & cart recovery. 


Wish you all the best with your store!


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