I just linked a new paypal account to my store, however, I am still not seeing the funds

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After finally getting my first sale, I noticed I omitted to set up a payment method, ideally paypal so the funds couldn't get deposited anywhere. I went ahead and created a business paypal account, joined it to my shopify and I am still not seeing the funds in. Any idea why? PayPal suggested contacting Shopify to solve this issue. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Hello @Olivia199 

If you didn't already have Paypal linked at the time of the sale, then the customer had to have used another payment method. Funds will only deposit to your PayPal when the customer pays with PayPal. Most likely, I'm guessing, the customer used a credit/debit card through Shop Pay. 

Need to go into your payment settings and make sure you have your bank account linked with Shopify Payments so that Shopify can deposit the funds into your bank account.