I just want to fetch my all order details to shiprocket API

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Hello Team,


Actually the issues is, My all orders is fetching properly in the shiprocket panel using Shopify API but whenever I am updating address or pincode in order details page from the shopify. At that time shiprocket is not fetching updated details, Even I am clicking Re-Fetch order details button on the shiprocket panel but not updating. 

Also I have spoken to the shiprocket team, they told me, we have not received updated details from that API.


So I just want to know have I missed any API Permissions ?

So I mentioned here that I have already given permission to read and write in this list.

1. Assigned fulfillment orders

2. Customers

3. Fulfillment services

4. Order editing

5. Orders

6. Products


So, Guys please let me know I have to give any another permission too. ?