I'll be a college student next year, but I want to start an online shop.

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Hi everyone, I want to sell stuff online, including posters, mugs/cups, stickers, but especially t-shirts.

I'll be in college next year, I obviously can't do all the dealing in my dorm, that would be rather intrusive for my roommate.

So is there an online service that will possibly do all the manual labor for me? I don't want a zazzle (which is why I'm here), but I do want a custom shop, in which I manage the site and everything, and all this service provider would do is just print and (perhaps) distribute the shirts for me. Is there something like this for t-shirts? Or possibly posters, mug/cups, and stickers?

So yeah, anyhow, on my second year in college, I'll probably stay in an apartment. If my business is taking off, I'll probably do everything myself. If so, how can I print my t-shirts? Can I use the same inkjet printer for my posters, mugs, t-shirts? 


I know I may seem to be getting way ahead of myself, and I may be, I really do want some answers if possible. Otherwise I won't be able to sleep at night... Thanks!


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I did the T-shirt thing for a while.

If you want to print them yourself, you'll need a screen printing press, screens, a light box to expose screens, a special oven to set the screens, the messy and expensive gloop that puts the image on the screens and dries up before you could ever use a whole container, a computer to create the designs and a special printer to make the negatives, lots of colors of very messy ink, a big place that you can mess up with lots of very messy ink, and t-shirts you can ruin as you learn to print them, and more time cleaning up than it ever takes you to print shirts.

Or, you can find a local printing shop and have them print them for less than all the equipment will cost you and you can focus on the business.  Someday when your selling enough shirts to justify the equipment, get the equipment (and somebody else to run it).

But whatever you do...go for it.  Everybody has dreams but only a few ever actually take the first step to make it happen.  I had a couple of fledgling businesses in college - in the old days before anybody had heard of that internet thing.  Some made me a little money and some flopped.  But I honestly learned as much by running (and sometimes failing) small businesses as I did sitting in class. 

Just my humble opinion.  go for it.

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