I'm brand new to Shopify, like yesterday new....

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I have questions. Can someone please help.

1) Ali-Express dropship products say "Delivery 30-50 days." Does that mean that customers don't receive there products for 30 to 50 days?

2) Do I pay for Ali-Express items when I import them to my store?

3) When I build my storefront, do I use categories like: Jewelry, Sports Gear, etc.?

4) How do products that I import to my storefront get inside the categorized pages?

5) Can a single products go inside 2 categories, i.e. UniSex Sunglasses in Men's and Women's Accessories?

Thanks for now.

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1) I would assume that's a yes for Ali-Express.  You might consider a different drop-ship provider or building up an inventory closer to your customers.
2) I haven't used Ali-Express, but that's how it works with most dropship providers I've looked at.
3) YES!  USE CATEGORIES!!!!  They are your BEST friends!
4) You have to create the categories, which can include products based on vendor, tag, etc.
5) Yes, it can.