I’m forever done with Shopify. Worst customer support experience of my life!

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This is not hyperbole. I’ve been a business owner for 20+ years. I’ve dealt with hundreds of corporations and had my share of frustrating customer support encounters. But Shopify should be ashamed. They really take the cake.

I originally chose Shopify because of their great support. It’s the only reason I did. Call in, friendly fast support, fantastic. Now that’s gone.

My payouts have been locked for almost a month. No payments. No explanation. And this isn’t the first time. They’re holding my money hostage. I’ve “escalated” this four times. Chatting with support, after waiting for upwards of 3 hours sometimes, is like talking to a brick wall.

“I understand you are frustrated. We don’t have managers. A manager can’t do anything for you that I can’t do. If I transfer you to a manager, your case will go back to the bottom of the queue and take longer to resolve. Oh wait, I mean, we don’t have managers. I understand you are frustrated. I have no timeline for when this will be fixed. We don’t have managers. A manager cannot do anything for you. ON AND ON.”

Listen. If you don’t have managers and proper support for something as critical as the payment infrastructure of someone’s business, you’re a sham. Period. You’re holding my money hostage. Your support is so unbelievable infuriating and inferior that I find myself longing for a phone call with an AT&T rep. The second you finally give me my payout, I am gone. Forever. Canceling my service with you guys, and telling everyone I know to avoid Shopify like the plague. Jump ship like it’s on fire. Anyone still sticking with these guys, I sincerely wish you the best of luck, and recommend you start looking for an alternative yesterday.

The way this company is run is embarrassing, disgusting, and down right scammy. PayPal never did me like this, and they were awful. But at least I could talk to a manager and get things figured out eventually.

Goodbye Shopify. And good riddance.