I'm getting no sales on my Shopify store

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hey everyone, 

my shopify store isn't getting any sales, and I can't figure out why. It is oogfit.com . I think I've done a good job with everyone, and I have been purchasing ads, at least 4 to 5 per week and I have been getting like 500 ppl to my site per day, but nothing. It is so frustrating. I have been doing exommerce for 7 years with no success. 

Thank you for your help

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Make attempt work through http://promo.roix.io/?utm_source=forums my sales grew considerably with them, they fine understood a market and help to move forward sites and products.

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Hi Jay! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

You have a great niche, and you will be able to get more sales once you improve your design and get more relevant traffic [7 years in ecommerce with little success? Ouch..]

But, let’s start with your current homepage.

There is virtually no products displayed on your homepage, or no images of products. You do have outdoor-sy images, and photos of people on the beach, but they have little or no power of converting visitors into paying customers.

Your homepage currently looks like a blog of someone who is a traveling writer, or photographer. Make sure to feature your product, or people using your product, right in the featured image below your top navigation. Also, link this image to the relevant collection or a product page. Always try to connect with the visitors and keep them on your website for longer. Google pays attention to how long people spend on your website, and rewards these websites with higher ranks.

The tagline on your featured image could be stronger. Also, you mention 50% off sale on your outdoor gear, but the image links to an Inflatable Pillow. Make sure to keep an eye on the detail [retail is detail], as lack of it can affect your conversion rate.

Promo image below - the image doesn’t relate to the content. Make sure to display someone in a tent, walking in a hiking boots etc. Also, the ‘Shop now’ links to your homepage, and not to your collection page.

I think you have pretty good idea so far what can be wrong with your website, so please make sure to review each of the elements and scrutinize if it’s working hard for your conversion rate.


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Maggie Tuczapska

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Hi try ghibli-business.com they can guide you too start getting sales. Good luck!!!!