I'm not receiving emails

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My domain is hosted through shopify and my email is forwarded to an icloud account (myname@icloud.com). I haven't been receiving my email. Do I need to have my domain email hosted by GSuite or Zoho to make it work?





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Hi - no you don't need to use GSuite or Zoho etc. if you are just wanting to forward emails. They come into play if you were wanting your email reply address to come from your domain name e.g. christine@adaptiveresuser.com.


What you have done should work. So if it were me, I would try the following to try and diagnose the problem:

- Check your spam in icloud to see if they are hiding in there

- Remove the last two alias -> alias forwarders as maybe they are an issue i.e. just keep christine@adaptiveresuser.com -> christinetererell@icloud.com

- Try forwarding to an email address that is not an icloud one

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