I made my first sale, now what?

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Yesterday I made my first sale, my budget is beyond limited and it was most likely pure luck but nonetheless the feeling is unbelievable. order was fulfilled and taken care of but now what? how do I get the second one?
I cant afford instagram shoutouts or facebook ads (i’m using 1$ a day instagram ads and i have like 5 ads running daily). How do i get the second one? i already reinvested my profit from the first sale back into marketing and keeping the same strategy. instagram ads 1$/day different audiences different interests (beauty niche). I’m getting 20 visitors a day on average but not converting. help me get my first 10 sales. It’s stressing me out because it wont be able to keep the store afloat with marketing if i dont average at least 1 sale a week because I dont have a current income due to covid-19. (took 1 week to get the first sale).
I need tips especially on targeting. Who’s the best audience to target right now in the beauty niche, which countries are currently converting, and can a $5 facebook conversion ad help?
store : www.misty-spray.com

@Aldnjzuuu ,


I think you need to work on your store to make the user want to purchase. Below are some ways:


Home Page: For engaging new customers you need to work on your home page and make your website user-friendly. Scattered information or too much distractions can create a bad user experience. Check the homepage flow, above the fold and below the fold content should be strategically decided.


I would recommend you to work on to build customer trust, add some trust signals. It build customers trust and help users to feel more secure in their buying decision. 


Mobile Score: Your google page speed score is only 39. Low mobile page speed may kill your traffic and affect your conversation. For greater success and to deliver a great user experience you should focus on mobile score as well. 



Send abandoned cart emails: If you have lots of traffic and little sales due to abandoned carts so you can get lost revenue using abandonment email campaigns. There are many Automated tools for abandoned carts. They can help you increase sales and re-engage visitors to your site who have left. You can also send promotional emails to your subscriber's list.


Create a sense of urgency: Creating a sense of urgency helps increase sales when used in moderation. Take a look at your sales funnel and see where you lose the most leads. Making people feel as if they’re about to lose a great opportunity is a powerful way to drive conversions.


Call of Action Placement: You need a strong call to action to gain people’s attention and to convince them to act. Try to use good CTA to increase conversion and sales.


As far as ads are concerned, Facebook and Instagram both platform can return good results. Instagram is best for brand marketing while Facebook is better for direct response advertising. According to your niche and demographics, think about where you will find more female users. Use the data you have about your existing customer.

Facebook is a very visual platform and you need to make sure that your ads are good at catching the eyes of your custom audience.

You can tell that your ad creative is performing poorly if your ad has a low CTR. The average CTR on Facebook is 0.9%. Facebook ads can be a great way to increase traffic numbers for your website. However, if you have yet to see an adequate return on investment, it may just be that you’re making some common mistakes leading up to getting your custom audience to your landing page.

I hope you like my feedback. Thank you!


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Thank you so much for your feedback i’ll make sure to improve mobile user experience on the website.
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Congrats! I'm new to shopify too so hope you'll get more sales soon! 


Your website looks very good and well branded. Hope you can do well as a reference for us too. All the best!!!