I need High-End suppliers that offer dropshipping

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My current niche got over 2500 website visits in 24 hours of facebook ads! From what I've heard that's incredible, but I had exactly 0 sales. After extensively going over my site with a fine tooth comb it was determined that my product offering for my target market was absolute crap. I will not say what my niche is exactly, but I will say I need high end offerings.

I need expensive clothings: men's and women's

I need expensive accesories: ties, clips, cufflinks, handbags

I need expensive work-related items: notebooks, planners, pens, etc.


If you can provide ANY of these items for dropshipping (as in my clients buy from my store, you fulfil orders) please let me know. I'm looking for the U.S.A. prefered as I don't like making my HIGH-END clients wait 30-60 days for e-packet shipping. 


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Hi @Chris_Chapman! Gabby here from Spocket.


I'm not entirely sure what your criteria is for a supplier to be high-end, but perhaps the selections on Spocket's catalog might interest you. They mainly come from EU and US suppliers so in terms of quality, you can be assured that you're only provided with the best of the best. In terms of the items you enumerated, we have them on the catalog but I leave it to your judgement if the prices suit your standard for high-end.

You can view these items by simply signing-up for free on Spocket's website! This gives you access to the catalog where you can freely explore and look for the products you need.

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Hi @Chris_Chapman,

I know you asked your question a while ago, but I'd still like to offer some help.

Contrado is a print on demand supplier that specializes in high-quality, handmade items. 

Everything is handmade within 48 hours and we ship worldwide typically within 3-5 days.

We have amazing men's and women's apparel and accessories, including ties, cufflinks, and genuine leather handbags and wallets. We also have fantastic office stationery.

You can get the Contrado app for Shopify here: https://apps.shopify.com/contrado-print-on-demand


Melissa from Contrado