I need to track options/varients (charity option) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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I am the owner of Big Paws Coffee Co. I donate $2 of every small bag and $10 of every big bag to charities. I have approximately 8 charities I donate to at this time. I need to be able to track the charities supported. Each coffee has a drop down (option) to choose your charity you want to support. Can you help me create some sort of tracking and analytical system?


Many thanks!


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Hey David!


Just to make sure I follow - you'd like to have a list of all the payments you "owe" to charities, based on the amounts bought of each of your coffee bags, right?


So this is not a "closed loop", where the payments are automatically transferred to the charities when a payment occurs, but more a list of all of the needed payments, and whether you paid them or not. Am I on the money here?


If so, I'd use an existing app that does this exactly. There's a list of possible ones here:




The second one (https://apps.shopify.com/change-commerce) seems like a good pick. Let us know how it went!