I purchased a domain with the wrong store

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I purchased a domain with the wrong store & it says I have to wait until April 31st to transfer it!? That's not going to work.


Does anyone know who I can contact to fix this?? Is there someone I can call for this?



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Hey there, @AmandaClark!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! To clarify, you purchased the domain through a Shopify store are wanting to transfer it to another Shopify store - is that right? Or are you hoping to transfer it outside of Shopify

If you're wanting to transfer your domain from one Shopify store to another, there shouldn't be an issue transferring within the 60 days of domain registration. The 60 day waiting period is part of the transfer policy from ICANN, and applies to all domain providers. It refers to transferring the domain from one domain provider to another - such as Shopify to GoDaddy, or vice versa. To initiate the transfer, the store's Account Owner will need to login to the Admin and go to Online store > Domains and click on Manage next to the Shopify-purchased domain. On the top of this page, you'll find a Transfer domain drop-down and can select Transfer to another Shopify store:


After doing so, an email will be sent to the store's contact email address with a link prompting you to sign into the account to which the domain should be transferred to. If you're unsure which email address is setup as your store's contact, you can review and update this information in your Settings > General > Store details section.

Once you've logged into the new account as the Account Owner, the domain transfer process will be completed. All associated records, subdomains, and billing dates will be migrated together with the root domain. You'll should be able to see a confirmation banner that looks like this:



Now on the other hand, if you're wanting to transfer a domain from Shopify to a third-party domain provider or vice versa, you'll be required to wait the 60 days. If you purchased a domain through a third-party provider, but you're wanting to use it on a Shopify store you can still setup your DNS Settings to connect your domain prior to the completion of the 60 days.

I hope this information helps! If you're still having trouble, please elaborate on which platforms you're wanting to transfer or connect your domain with and I'd be happy to offer clarification.



Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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You are Amazing!! THANK-YOU!! 


I really appreciate the quick response and help with this!