I really need a mentor, please!

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Hey everyone!

I've been running my Shopify store for about 2 weeks now. But it's taken longer to get the store open etc. So far we've gotten about 40 hits a day, 3 orders (all fraud).

It's really starting to get me down. I've been working really hard on my store (12hr per day 5 days a week), I'm so determined to make a successful store... but the truth is I'm hacking away at trees but I may be headed in the completely wrong direction.

I really need a mentor to nudge me in the right direction from time to time, I would really appreciate it and I'd be willing to give any help I can in return. (if you need some man hours I'll happily trade my time for your knowledge)

My email is powpowparcels@hotmail.com  - in case you don't want to reply here.

Thanks everyone,


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My store is www.gameflix.co.uk

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Hi!! I understand exactly where you are (since i was stuck in a rut at one point too...).

To find direction and AMAZING mentors check out     www.ghiblibusiness.com

They will help get you out of your hole and guarantee you profit and sales. So, check them out.

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Hey SunilG,

Your mentor here : http://tinyurl.com/y6uar23p

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