I think someone is trying to hack my store

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Hi all,

I know the title of this post sounds a bit harsh but I'll try to summarize what's going on and hopefully someone could help. I've had my store for over 3 years now, and yesterday I noticed for the first time zero sales but 21 add to carts. This was very odd because I've never had such a large ratio of add to cart/zero sales. My FB ads manager showed me that there were 5 purchases wherein I had none on Shopify. I contacted Shopify support and they said that there wasn't anything wrong on my stores backend.

I looked up some of the most recent traffic in the past few days (this issue started 2 days ago) and it was showing that the majority of traffic came from one location - Clifton, NJ. Not sure if this means anything and what I can do with this info, but I'm really hoping someone could help me figure what to do.

I'm going to be pausing my ad's until I know what's happening because if someone is trying to hack me, it seems like they are throwing off a lot of data to trick the system. 

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I'm having the same issue with Clifton, NJ and it appears my traffic is significantly higher than yours was when you posted.  Since June 23rd, Clifton accounts for 7500+ sessions in my store and 14,800+ pageviews, all to products I've used as landing pages with Facebook ads.

I've tried the Traffic Blocker app from the Shopify store, and while it's showing blocks and redirects, the traffic is still getting through somehow.  Each time I get a "bot" hit from Clifton it performs multiple add to carts and pageviews.  On average, each session lasts around 3 minutes.

My concern is that this is killing my search engine ranking, analytics reporting, and pixel data (used for Facebook ads).  Since this has occurred I've noticed a significant drop in the effectiveness of my ad campaigns and suspect that the large amount of traffic is tricking Facebook into continually serve my ads to these bots rather than legitimate customers.

As of this time, Shopify has provided me with no solutions on their end other than apps, so if anyone has input I'd appreciate it.