I want product price in checkout and when I send an invoice to someone - Narrative Theme

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Hello everyone, 

I am using the Narrative theme for my store but I need my product price to show in multiple areas where they are currently not.

1. Checkout - In the thumbnail you can see that while the price has been reduced there is no product price listed and the variant information is listed twice. Is there any way to replace 1 of the variant lines of information to say how much the product unit price is?



2. When I send an invoice to a customer from my order page the email doesn't state unit price either. It just lists quantity and subtotal plus the discount, but I want to see the unit price. Any help would be really appreciated.




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The first issue may be from line item properties either from a theme customization, or an app.

Both generally indicate some logic may be injecting, or dependent, on those lines of information which may prevent changes.

Otherwise it's a theme customization for line item properties , unless your on shopifyPlus and have access to customizing the checkout templates.

A starting point tutorial from shopify https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Design/Product-pages-Get-customization-information-for-produ... 


For the order emails those are notification templates 



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