I want to add a product made up of multiple products

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Has anyone had experience in making bundle products? We sell some modular products, and I have a feature online already where people can buy a bundle already. However I want a bundle to show as a separate product. When you click that product (which would have its own image), it would show what products are within that bundle "This product is made up of......"


To give you an idea, we have an event shelter that we sell, but it has an option to have a awning attached for camper vans, so I want to sell the event shelter with the awning attachment as a single product, but the stock needs to deplete across the individual items

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There are many ways to do this , the simplest is using an order form customization,  and the top containing "product" is just a collection.

If it doesn't affect price then it's a line item property


However if you want only 1 single item to show up in all flows( /cart,checkout,orders,etc) BUUUT also still have inventory deplete for other non-ordered items you will need an app either to handle all the bundling and sync, or two apps one to bundle the other make sure the inventory stays in sync.



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