I want to center my store's logo in the Brooklyn theme for desktop

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I want to center my store's logo in the Brooklyn theme for desktop. The logo is centered in the way that I want when I view the mobile version of my store, but when I look at my logo on the desktop version my logo is more or less to the left of the screen.

How can I accomplish what I want to accomplish in this case?

I contacted Shopify support through the live chat and the agent said that he would have the people at Shopify do it, but my logo still isn't centered. If I remember correctly that was two days ago now.

I would like this to be resolved once and for all.

Thank you.

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Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out :)
From what I understand, this is actually a fairly major code change on the Brooklyn theme to achieve the logo centered above the menu.

I do see the theme ticket is in the queue for you there! Our themes team requests can run about 72 hours, and as your request came on Saturday afternoon, looks like we're just waiting for them to get to it - just another day or so!

In the meantime, have you thought much into the Marketing and SEO side?
I thought I'd share a couple of great blog posts to get your wheels turning!

Let us know if we can be of any help!
My best,