I work overnight, I'm thinking about starting a Shopify/AliExpress dropshipping website in downtime.

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Hello everyone,,

As you read, I plan on starting a Shopify website in a niche that is fairly specific, but I think I can corner the market fairly well as the other websites dedicated to this particular niche are god awful eyesores.

I was mainly curious about, on average, how much it would cost to successfully run a start up within the 30 days of the Shopify free-trial to continue paying for Shopify services thereafter? I think I can break through the first 30 days successfully, but I gotta admit, this is my first venture into this territory so I am exceedingly nervous about spending my money. I know investments are big financial risks, but it's hard not to psyche myself out.

A lot of you guys have success stories regarding this particular situation and I've read them, but it seems like each person started off with some sort of more advanced knowledge on the subject, or at least it appeared that way. I plan on utilizing FB ads as cost-effectively as possible.

My goal is small, a measly 30-ish dollars a month (plus expenses of ads and any other costs that arise). Obviously I have a job as stated, but I want my money to work for me and reinvesting my earned cash even in small amounts is a big dream of mine and I know that can lead somewhere.