I would like to sell my spreadsheet - I am new to this.

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Hey  Shopifiers!

I have a spreadsheet I would like to sell and It is in Excel form. I have the Shopify shop, which app is the best for this type of download? 

It would be great if customers could have access to it on a monthly subscription basis as well as the option to pay a one off fee for the download if that is possible?  Also how can I get an app that protects the sheet with some sort of licence key to be used on one computer? I would also like the option to have customers create a profile and within that profile on my website they can always download the latest version of the spreadsheet for free just by logging in and downloading it, can I do this?

I have protected the actual spreadsheet, locked the cells etc now I am ready to upload it to my Shopify store however I am completely new to running any sort of website so any advice would be great!



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@mjh2222 ,

Welcome to the Shopify community and posting an interesting problem to solve. In my view, you will need multiple point solutions.

1. You can certainly sell the digital product in Shopify and here is a detailed blog with suggestions https://www.shopify.in/blog/digital-products

2. You can get many apps to do subscription kind charges ( Recharge is one that comes to mind, I am not affiliated to them)

3. You need a custom solution to enable specific behavior for the subscribed customer ( like free upgrade download etc.)

4. Licensing solution for excel to be used only on one computer may not be possible through Shopify and you will need other DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Licensing solution

Hope the above helps, all the best!


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The app like below one might be helpful to your problem...

Easy Digital Products


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