I18n Error: Missing interpolation value "savings" for "You're saving {{ savings }}"

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I understand it is not your theme but it isn't the theme that is doing
this. I am pretty sure you realize that there are thirty or forty comments
on issues like this with people with all different themes. Is anything
being done to solve this, as it started in 2016 and still carries on to
this day. Any ideas what type of files to look for? is there a way to
simplify finding this as going page by page is a rather arduous process?

Thanks in advance
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Hi David,

This error can only come from within the theme, this is why
the aforementioned fix is applied within the theme code.

The issue is that the theme is looking for a translation string
interpolation that is incorrect or doesn't exist. These translations are
inside the Locales folder inside the theme, most likely en.default.json if
your theme is in English.

Using Brookln as an example, in en.defaut.json, inside the Cart/General
object there is a field:

"savings_html": "You're saving {{ savings }}",

The reason some previous versions of Brooklyn were showing the error is
because they were looking for `price`, not `savings`. This is why the fix
of changing price: to savings: resolves the issue.

Many third party themes are built on top of Shopify themes so it's possible
Brookyln was used as a reference and this is why you are seeing the same
error. I can't be sure without by seeing your theme code but I imagine the
fix for your theme will be similar.

You can use a browser extension like Bold Theme Search to search for
strings inside the theme files without having to go through each one.
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That was a great and very detailed response. I can now figure this out!

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This saved me big time right now, thank you!