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Hello. As the new rules of IVA / VAT on EU Country's, I need to set up my store to automatically include or exclude taxes according to your customer's country.To be done correctly, I must import my products without VAT. After checkout, VAT is added depending on the customer's country. The problem is that my products are always visible without VAT in the collections and I don't want to. It doesn't make sense in B2C sales to have the items with prices without VAT, otherwise the customer gets scared when they checkout and the corresponding VAT rate is added. I would like to know how I can have the products visible by default with the local IVA. It will then be changed at checkout. Can someone help me urgently?

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Hi @Mascarenhax 

I'm dont think that's possible, if you are selling in multiple EU countries and need to charge VAT based on the customer country then you would need to know the customer country before being able to display products prices in collections pages with VAT included. This is the reason why VAT in your specific case is added at checkout, because Shopify needs to know a customer country before applying the correct tax rate and Shopify gets the customer country only at checkout.

Pages in Shopify stores are all prerendered in Shopify's servers so obviously Shopify can't predict a customer country while generating the page.

If you are only selling in one country, say Italy, then prices on your storefront will include VAT because customers will not be able to checkout unless their address is in Italy so there is only one tax rate that has to be applied to all prices and Shopify can prerender that.

You might be able to find apps in the App Store that could help you achieve that though, but unfortunately I don't know of any.

Hope this helps!