Idea: Filtering an order

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A feature that would greatly help us in doing orders and maybe other businesses? is filtering orders


So to break it down when clicking on a customers order to see what items they have bought for packaging and processing etc. You usually get a list of what they have bought in the order they bought it.

We use the android phone app to process orders so please forgive me if this can be done via the web or another way!


What would be great is if you could filter the order to your store filters so for example if you had products filtered as "t shirt" , "trouser" or even fragile and non fragile; you could filter it to show the fragile ones first so they can be packaged first.


sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but i just thought it might be worth sharing!


Hope your all doing well!

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Hi @VEGUMMIES  hope you're doing well too (thanks for putting out the positive vibes ).

I think for your goal, order tagging will be the way to go.

Here's how I'd imagine the workflow:

1) Order comes in and a product in it is fragile.

2) Someone from your team adds the tag Fragile to the order.

3) The person fulfilling the orders can filter by tag Fragile on the orders page and see all orders that are tagged like this.

Bonus tip: If you filter by the tag Fragile and also by fulfillment status Unfulfilled, you can then save that url as a shortcut. Then the fulfiller just needs to go to that url in the future any time they want to see unfulfilled orders with that tag.

Bonus idea to save time: If you want to automatically tag orders based on conditions (like the products they have) and automate step 2 above, you can use the app Order Automator. My team built the app so if you need any customizations we can hook that up too.

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