Identify indvidual shop in paypal payments? (multiple shops)

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We have multiple Shopify sites and we'd like to funnel all paypal payments into our single paypal account.  Here are the columns in PayPal's export but I'm not sure how we identify which site it came from.  When dealing with a dozen shops, when balancing the books, we prefer not to have to have a separate paypal account for each in order to identify each shop/site.  Any solutions that you can think of?


DateTimeTimeZoneNameTypeStatusCurrencyGrossFeeNetFrom Email AddressTo Email AddressTransaction IDItem TitleItem IDShipping and Handling AmountSales TaxReference Txn IDInvoice NumberReceipt IDBalanceSubjectNotePayment SourceCard TypeTransaction Event CodePayment Tracking IDBank Reference IDTransaction Buyer Country CodeBalance ImpactTipDiscountSeller ID