If I give the customer a tracking number, where can they use it?

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If I give the customer a tracking number, where can they use it? 

I want to give them the tracking number but I can't tell them to visit ali express or they will know that the item they bought was not actually worth the price, get me? like what website can they use to see use their tracking number? or?

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Hey Animationix!

I’m Poppy one of the Guru Support team at Shopify.

There are a few different options for how you can set your customers up with tracking information from Oberlo, or Ali Express orders made through Oberlo.

The first would be to set the tracking code to be sent to customers with the shipping confirmation email. You can also set this up so that the tracking number is clickable and will take them to a site to track the shipment. 17track.net is the one most people use as it supports the most carriers. There is an Oberlo guide on how to get that going here.

We also have several apps in the app store which allow for creating custom tracking pages. One of the most popular being AfterShip.

There is mention in this Oberlo Forum post as well about using Aftership with Oberlo in the same way as I describe for 17track.net above. 

Does that help? If you have any other questions about it let me know. You can give us a call too or start a live chat at any time. We're here 24/7 and are always happy to help out!

Thank you, :)

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Beyond 17 Track, there are other widely used services for checking tracking numbers, such as Cainiao, ParcelMonitor, PackageTrackr or Track24.

If you're shipping to US using ePacket, you can always mark the packages as shipped via USPS. ePacket is a service offered in co-op by China Post and USPS, meaning that your packages can be tracked until destionation on USPS.com as well (read more here).


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Hey there,

We're building a complete package tracking solution, and right now our app is free while it works only with Amazon Alexa. We'll be adding email & SMS alerts, as well as a package tracking page over the next month or so.



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One of the things to do is to set the tracking code to be sent to customers with the shipping confirmation email. This can be done while you fulfill your orders by using any fulfillment apps. Your customers can use this tracking code to find the status of their orders. 

But the best way is to create a custom "track your order" page from where your customers can track their orders using the tracking number. By using an app like Shipment tracking & notify, you will be able to make order tracking a part of your online store with an integrated Tracking Lookup Page. 

The app also helps you to automate the complete tracking process.

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