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Currently I use Nexcess for my hosting of our images which is about 45,000 images. We pay about $700/month which I think is very high considering it is only images that they store. I do not have an IT team to help get AWS setup but am looking at that solution. I was going to go with Cloudinary but their support is only for programmers so I wil lnot be able to go that route either. Does anyone have experience with Cloudianry or the AWS route that can share some ideas on how I can get all our images transferred. Ideally I would like a program like Cloudinary where you can view the images and edit but this is not necessary. 


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Hi Dave,

I am the co-founder of - and we can help you with images.

Are these images being used on your Shopify store?

Can you write me to and I would be more than happy to help you out?



I realize that this is a very old link, but for anyone finding it through a search looking for image file hosting options, have a look at

We provide image file "bucket" management where you can create a bucket for your product image files, upload in bulk, then download a CSV file that contains links to the uploaded files that you can use with your products.

We offer a 7 day trial so you can try out BucketLynx for yourself, and thereafter we offer three user levels with inexpensive monthly and annual subscription plans.

Check it out.