Image Size and Slow Load Times

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Hi All,


I have a question about image sizes as it relates to slow load times. I have noticed that my store (home page and collection pages) loads more slowly than it should. For instance, our store, received a PageSpeed score of F from


Among other things that are contributing slow load times, I suspect that our image file sizes have something to do with it as well. I should start by saying that we have around 450 image files, most of which exceed 300 KB. 


In my experience that's too big, especially if you have 450 image files. Can anyone provide some feedback on best practices regarding image file size? These would be all types of images : product images, banner images, blog images, etc.


Thanks for the helo



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check some apps in the shopify app store that can help you shrink those image files. Or you can hire SEO expert to do it for you.

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It's not the size of your images that is the problem with your site speed.


The problem is with your site loading unnecessary images that visitors will not see or interact with on the first load. Which is causing your site to have a bad score. Consider using Google page insight on how to fix your issues.



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