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Each image has a different size, I was wondering if there is a setting where I am able to upload an image and it automatically makes all images the same size rather than appear different in a collection (we want all images to appear portrait). The following images are samples of how the collection images are uneven. We are hoping for the image to be the size of Angelica Dress (first dress), we want the size of the Angelica Dress to appear all over the collection. As well, despite the cropped size of the image, we still want it to appear even. Our theme is Debut.Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.06.34 pm.pngScreen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.06.40 pm.png

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Hi Teyanna,
You can achieve that by using an image resizing app, Shopify have a builtin image editor but i don't think you can edit Collection's featured image

Try out our app (PixPix) and use the editor to make your images with the same size

Developer of PixPix image editor for Shopify