Images as products APP?

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I'm looking for an app for Shopify that turns uploaded images (full resolution) automatically into products using the original Image file name as the product name. Like maybe a gallery that you can upload hundreds of images to that automatically apply the price, watermark and image text (image text being the product name).

Currently, I use SmugMug... however, it's EXTREMELY limited in the LOOK and FEEL of the store... not to mention, it charges an arm and a leg for selling one image. And if my customer does not purchase more than $10 of images, they get charged an additional $.50.

I love the functionality of SmugMug... it's extremely simple to upload hundreds of images at once and turns those images into products immediately with set prices for those galleries, etc. 

However, like I said, I cannot customize the shop by offering coupons, bundling, etc.

I'm a stock images store that uploads hundreds of images a day... what takes two minutes on SmugMug takes two DAYS on Shopify.

Thank so much for anyone who can point me in the right direction for an app that has this solution.