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When I do a search for how to import a csv file on this forum, I don't really see instructions. I see people wondering why their transfer doesn't work. There's a lot of those kinds of posts and it's a bit difficult to find the one post which answers my question. Anyone able to throw me a bone? Thanks. 

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If you are importing products with a csv you can find instructions here:

The best way to get going is to export a file from your store or use the sample file to see how the structure of the csv file should be.

For inventory imports with a csv it is a separate process as you can no longer update quantities with product csv:



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Hi @Audini 

A CSV file (.csv) is a special file type that you can create or edit in Excel. Instead of storing information in a column, the CSV file stores comma-separated information. When text and numbers are stored in a CSV file, it is very easy to move text and numbers from one program to another. That’s why Shopify uses a CSV file to convert the data from it into products.

We have two guides regarding importing CSV files on Shopify, kindly take a look at them:

6 Steps to Import Products With a CSV File on Shopify:

How To Import CSV Files into Google Sheets on Shopify: 

Hope these guides will help you!

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Thanks a kabillion.