Importance of the Homepage Meta Description

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Just how important is this bit for SEO purposes? I've just provided an overview of my store, in about 2 sentences. Should I write alot more?



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Good question @DerekShop.


So for SEO purposes, the homepage meta description carries importance because this is what is seen by online searchers when your site shows up in search results.

Regarding your question as to if you should write more, you have to write complete sentences while taking note of the number of characters Google has provided. Once you exceed the character limit, your description will be truncated and this is not good for your business. I've attached an image of how a meta description should appear on Google search engine without any truncation.


I hope this helps.






Meta titles and description are very much important as user point of view. It is last and first impression which mold the user to spend time on your site. So try your title should be less than 70 character and description is 160 character. And one more thing your focused keyword should be appear in your meta titles and description for long term results. I hope this will be help you.

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Hi @DerekShop,


Nick here from Shopify. Good question!


As @Naana and @amarmajhu touched on, the homepage meta description is important for keyword reasons and because it's the first thing a potential customer might see when they are searching around. Having your keywords in the title and the description would be beneficial also. Using the character limit provided in the screenshot below is a good gauge for how long or short your description should be, but if you only have 200 characters when the limit is 320 then that's perfectly ok also. Having less characters won't negatively impact your store search result. In this instance it's more important to focus on the keyword aspect. I've found the best way to approach this is to write a sentence or two which comes across naturally with the keywords to help your chances of being found. 


Shopify has a helpful SEO guide which you might find useful and can read here as well as a blog post from the content team with an SEO checklist that you can find here


Hope this helps!


All the best, Nicjk

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Meta is important as it tells a customer exactly what the page they are about to press on is all about, make sure to not have any duplicate meta's as they can conflict against each other -


Wow the more I read here the more I realise that so many people know next to nothing about SEO, even so called Shopify experts. 

The title should be NO MORE than 60 characters (optimum is 50 characters) it should include your primary keyword for the page. So the form should be Keyword | Keyword or theme/title | Company Name.  The description in theory is not a Google ranking factor BUT how many people click on it is. So it needs to be a compelling call to action and is usually about two sentences. It should be NO LONGER than 160 characters. Think of the title and description working together almost like ad copy. A Title or lead in that relates to what someone searched for and copy that encourages people to click.