Important fixes - will they get fixed?

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Many believe Shopify have stopped general UI/UX development on anything except Shopify+, and contribute that belief to the slow / lacking progress on (simple/important) topics that have been discussed and frequently requested for years and years. 


To mention just a few:

 - Unfulfilled (but cancelled) orders stay forever in the unfulfilled overview. People have been asking for years

 - Can't easily see list of orders that have used a certain discount code. People have bee asking for years.

 - Edit order. Biggest mystery. The community had been asking for years, but when it finally arrived, it was completely useless as you could only edit order that weren't already shipped. 97% of our orders that need editing are obviously orders that users want to change after receiving them. Eg: They want a different size or colour. People were stoked about the feature but massively let down and still have to use really bad compromises such as Edit Order by Cleverific. Good app but it messes up accounting both in terms of dates of revenue and reconciling payment providers. This is an obvious feature that NEEDS to be native, as it is too core to transactional data to be outsourced to 3rd parties.  


Question is: Why not solve these major issues? Will they ever get solved? 

A few strange and minor but maybe telling issues:

 - Strange: "50+ orders to fulfill". Any shop above this volume always see that number (50). Shopify was originally for super small businesses, and this UI clearly demonstrates that. Why not just show the exact number? People have been asking for years.

 -  "9,999+" orders, will forever linger on the menu. Not sure why this is useful, but it's another indication that Shopify didnt really have ambition to be relevant to medium+ size e-com


Are these two details in reality signs that as your business expands beyond 1 MUSD in annual revenue you should move off to bigger platforms?

We are well beyond that, but especially the case of Edit Order begs the question if can stay on here for much longer, or if we've outgrown Shopify as a platform?

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I'm not a Shopify employee so I can't comment on most of this, but I do have a solution for this one:
- Can't easily see list of orders that have used a certain discount code. People have bee asking for years.


The solution uses an app my team built: Order Automator, to tag the orders when a certain discount is used, then you can access those tagged orders with a shortcut link that filters them.


I understand you'd prefer it as a native feature, but just offering a solution if you'd like this solved now in the meantime, you can contact me to set it up for you.


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