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I’m trying to add  items for the first time from the app “my online fashion store” and when I click add to Shopify it asks to add in “collection or homepage”. I’ve tried both options and it just displays it all over my website. My main menu has sections such as “tops, bottoms, shoes” and so on. I want my items to be placed individually in those sections to make it easy to find certain clothes. I keep seeing CSV posts but I have no idea what that even is. I’m using the theme “simple”. I also want the clothes or certain ones anyways to go on the main page where it displeasure a few rows of items under “what’s new”. Please help! Thank you !!

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Hi @Girliesam ,

You're on the right track. Each section or 'collection' can have products added to it. It should only display those products.

In the menu, if you go to 'Products' => 'All Products' => then click the product in question => Then on the right hand side, like the below, you should be able to select 'collections' for that product to display in.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 20.58.32.png





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