Importing new, used , refurbished conditions for products into Shopify


Hi all - We have an old version of Prestashop 1.6.1 and we are looking at the possibility to use Shopify. 


We are running a store that sells , new, used and refurbished products. So of one product i could have multiple conditions. If i was to import all our product into Shopify how can i import product or items conditions(quality of the product a grade b grade, new , used etc)


Also i didn't see in the import tool the categories?  Apart from that we have 3 different languages in our current store, how does Shopify handle it?


I am looking to not fall in the same trap as i did with Prestashop . To adjust the core functionality so much that upgrading is too much work and maintenance is almost impossible.


i hope you can help me out.