Importing products via CSV and overwrite by matching UPC barcode not handle.

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Hey guys,


This is the deal, my POS system updates stock quantities and prices via web sync to shopify, however the images and description to the site i can get a CSV file from my supplier with all their products and website data.


For my surprise, Shopify uses a thing called HANDLE to match existing products and update them with the information on the CSV file that is being imported. But HANDLE is a shopify only thing, basically it's the last bit of the URL, which is created automatically by shopify when you create a product based on the title.


My CSV file doesn't have a handle column, and it would be impossible for me to figure out the handle that is being used buy shopify specially when I'm talking about a 8432 products CSV file...


But let me tell you a secret, did you know there is a thing called UPC you can read a bit about it here ( YES that is the UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODE, as the name says UNIVERSAL, there is no other product in the universe that has the same UPC, and all products have one. So wouldn't it make much more sense to use UPC instead of HANDLE to mach exisiting products on the system? This way i can simply tick on my POS to push everything we have in stock to shopify then just import the CSV file to get all the images and descriptions. Magic! done... All thanks to the UPC!


So can you please please please, give us the options to decide if we want to match products via HANDLE or UPC or anything else we can use as a unique identifier?




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I think excellify.IO does jus that . It allows you to update the inventory by using the barcode associated for acc product variant . Best