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I'm planning to update a website of a current Shopify user. I've been working on a separate dev site to set everything up. 

I know of the frustrating part of needing to manually update navigation and collection pages, but I'm curious to know how I import only certain data of the products. 

Since I exported the original list from the live site and imported into my dev account, I know that if I import the updated products back they will overwrite the current ones. This is fine and basically what I want, but I wonder if I only add certain columns in the CSV. Will missing columns be erased from the products? (example: I want to only update the images and tags, so if I remove the "inventory" column, will the inventory be blank in the overwritten product?)


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Yes, you can add only certain columns in CSV and import in Shopify. No need to include all the columns and it will affect only those columns which are in your CSV, don't worry about the other data and content.

but, please make sure you will take a backup by export CSV for your all products. In can if you miss something then you can import your backup CSV.


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Thanks Tejas! 

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I am sharing my notes on import product data to Shopify stores on this entrance of my blog

I hope they will be useful to everyone, thank you


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To clarify. Empty ( non relevent ) columns can be deleted from the csv prior to import ?


Yes, if you delete those columns, they won't be imported and the data that exists in the product won't change.